Compressor Monitoring Package

Politrace Condition management dashboard

With Politrace compressor tracking package, air pressure, temperature , vacuum level at air inlet (filter clogging), electrical motor vibration & temperature, power consumption are measured. Collected data is used to analyse operation, efficiency and detect any failure before happening. Moreover gives suggestions for improving efficiency and reducing costs. Both compressor manufacturers and users can instantly view compressors on our cloud-based IoT platform.

Compressor Monitoring Package
Compressor Monitoring Package
  • Collects the process data from pressurized air system
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Calculates annual pressurized air cost
  • Identifies location and causes of losses
  • Gives suggestions for improvements
  • Gives suggestions for maintenance to decrease costs
  • Predicts problems before happening
  • Decreases total cost of pressurized air supply

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