IOT Solutions for Electricity, HVAC, Gas & Water

The use of IoT for energy management is growing, and with it comes a dedication to using IoT to improve energy efficiency in order to support environmental sustainability. As the world’s energy demands rise, so do concerns about increasing consumption, aging infrastructure, higher outage costs, and consumer expectations regarding energy availability.

IOT Solutions for Electricity, HVAC, Gas & Water

IoT-enabled smart energy and utilities solutions can link sustainable energy assets and connect them into your current IT infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and delivery. IoT energy management systems enable numerous sustainability strategies, including direct access to real-time machine and consumer usage data. These methods assist you in making more informed decisions about energy distribution while also assisting your clients in conserving electricity and money.

Politrace Energy and Utility Monitoring System is a cutting-edge condition monitoring technology that monitors and records utility usage over time, allowing for statistical analysis of kilowatts/hrs, cubic meters of gas, and liters of water consumed. It can quickly identify and eliminate areas where waste may be present, resulting in significant cost savings after just weeks of installation.

The reported data can then be used to provide logged records as evidence of sustained usage reduction over time. Politrace smart sensors and utility transmitters can be combined with multiple existing assets and platforms in order to provide a cost-effective solution to utility monitoring.

Politrace Condition management dashboard

Politrace IOT for EMS features:

  • Remote monitoring and analytics
  • Easily identify saving opportunities of up to 40 %, reduce your carbon footprint
  • Class-leading energy monitoring solutions
  • Smart meters for efficient data collection suitable for retrofitting to existing assets to provide better utilities management on site.
  • Get the energy consumption of the devices anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-channel real time metering hardware and supporting by proprietary software
  • Multi source monitoring (gas, electricity, hvac, process air and water)
  • Measurement of energy flows from different sources

What is IoT Based Energy Management System?

Iot-enabled EMS is multi-faceted energy management system that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver cost-effective, efficient energy distribution and consumption. This includes monitoring, analysing, planning, and management of energy consumption patterns in commercial and industrial sectors.

What is IoT Enabled Utility Management?

Commercial and industrial firms use a variety of utilities, such as HVAC, process air compressors, dust collection systems, water pumps, power generators, electricity lines to run their operations. IoT systems with smart sensors, cloud services, and condition monitoring software assist plant managers in monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing their assets and utilities.

How does IoT save Energy ?

IOT-based energy monitoring solutions keep track of the whole energy use in real time, from a single device to an entire industrial plant or building. Plant managers can use supplied data to monitor consumption and identify inefficiencies. As a consequence of the information provided, they will be able to make better decisions that will help them save energy and reduce waste in plants or commercial buildings.