Energy Monitoring System

Electricity Monitoring

IoT enabled real-time energy monitoring technologies help businesses to continuously monitor the power utilization, efficiency of assets and unintended losses. With Politrace smart energy monitoring solution, industrial plant operators or commercial building managers can track and monitor energy-consuming devices and systems. Lighting, heating, HVAC systems, process air compressors, and production lines are all examples of assets that utilize a significant amount of electricity and require attention. A smart energy monitoring system, when integrated with big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) provides services to identify numerous ways to optimize energy usage, prevent wastage and reduce energy consumption.

With IoT supported software solutions, organizations can maintain an accurate record of usage data i.e. how much power each machine uses over a period of time; when it is in use or when it is idle; what are the trending patterns i.e., when energy is consumed more compared to other times etc.; which machine or asset has been using more electricity than normal i.e., what changes needs to be made to avoid wastage of electrical energy etc.. This detailed insight into power utilization enables enterprises to identify new ways for increasing productivity and reducing business risks.

  • 24×7 Monitor energy consumption in real-time
  • Pre-emptive alerts on erratic behaviour
  • Identifying Energy Wastage.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

Components of Energy Monitoring System

  • Smart meters used to measure power consumption (Voltage, current etc.)
  • Smart sensors related to process equipment (temperature, humidity, pressure etc.)
  • Politrace gateway to collect data from sensors and send it to cloud.
  • Politrace cloud service
  • User dashboards