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Solutions for Plant Owners , Production Lines, Machine and Sensor Manufacturers

Politrace Condition management dashboard

Running, operating and maintenance of production lines and industrial processing systems requires a great deal of know-how and long years of experience. Politrace platform not only provides a condition monitoring and industrial IOT service, but also provides extensive know how based on long years of experience in industrial processes. Our team consists of high performing and experienced professionals who specialize in industrial equipment, systems and processes.

POLITRACE, A New Era in Condition Monitoring

Politrace is a scalable, plug-and-play, end-to-end, industrial oriented smart machine -equipment monitoring system.

Any Machine-Equipment, Anywhere, Can Alert You Instantly If There’s Any Change to It’s Vital Signs. Moreover, The System Can Take Action by Itself.

All in One

Each Politrace package includes a complete solution; hardware, software, sensors, instructions.

Easy to Install and Implement

No IT and electronic expertise required. No server needed. Open the Politrace package, install the sensors, configure settings in minutes and that’s all.

Easy to scale

It doesn’t matter to start with 1, 10 or 100 machines. Politrace can easily meet your requirements with years of extensive experience in different industrial processes. Our industry-oriented expert Politrace Team is always with you.


Politrace establishes a fully encrypted, highly secure, continuous connection between the factory and cloud system.

Monitor from Anywhere

You can monitor your assets and take action with your tablet, phone and desktop wherever you are connected to the internet, whether inside the factory or outside.

Industrial Standart

Politrace is designed and built to handle the rigours of harsh industrial requirements by industry-oriented expert team that have years of extensive experience in different industrial processes. Featuring IP rated sensors, industry standard connectors, designed for 24×7 long term operation with expanded temperature ranges.

Smart Management

Politrace opens the door to the magic world of big data analytics. Politrace makes your business ready for Industry 4.0 with predictive maintenance, machine learning, deep learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

Preventive/predictive maintenance

The preventive maintenance programme, fulfilled with the typical predictive instrument of the vibrational analysis, can be subdivided into three main points:


Monitoring to detect problems that might emerge


Identifying the main cause of the problem


Developing corrective actions


Monitoring Systems / Use Cases

dashboard monitoring
dashboard silo monitoring

Dust Collector Condition Monitoring :

Online dust collector condition monitoring systems, particularly those that take advantage of existing infrastructure communications infrastructure, make monitoring viable and economically feasible. Dust collector fan vacuum level, motor temperature , vibration, pulse valves, air pressure, dust emission are monitored and analysed continuously ensuring that facilities adhere to safety standards.

Electrical Motor Condition Monitoring :

Motors will likely experience high vibration levels at some point during their lifetime. Performing predictive maintenance through motor vibration and temperature monitoring can prevent issues resulting from a variety of motor faults, including those often found in motor bearings, gearboxes and rotors.

Air Compressor Condition Monitoring :

Air pressure, temperature , vacuum level at air inlet (filter clogging), electrical motor vibration & temperature, power consumption of air compressors are measured to analyse operation, efficiency and detect any failure before happening.

Production Line Monitoring :

Wide range of easy to install sensors are available to monitor any machinery like CNC, packaging machines, hydraulic presses etc. Start – stop signals, failure signals, press strokes , power consumption, air temperature, humidity etc. are measured. Number of finished products are counted. Collected data is sent to database and analysed continuously.


Signal Processor and Gateway Analysis the Signal and Transmits necessary information to Cloud /On Promise Server

Analysing the Process

Analysing the Process

Depending on the scale of need, we can organize our engineering team to analyse your machinery and production line. They get process related information, i.e. expected outputs of the project and determine the important data collection points together with your production team.

Determining Correct Architecture

Determining Correct Architecture

Correct configuration of sensors, gateways and server networks is essential to receive a problem free service. Location of production site, current network configuration, safety concerns, service suppliers are some of the points to be taken into consider. We analyse your production line and offer a reliable architecture.

Supplying IIOT Platform and Equipment

Supplying IIOT Platform and Equipment

We provide simple to install sensors and gateways together with suitable mechanical and electrical connectors. Customers also have the opportunity to use sensors and gateways from any brand. The user friendly software platform provides ease of use and simplicity of operation.

Asset Management Service

Asset Management Service

Our asset management service included in IIOT platform has simple yet powerful features. Assets can be assigned to teams, moreover maintenance schdules, manuals, documents and photos could be easily added and traced from anywere. System ensures that operators are in full control of each asset in the plant.

Data visualization & Analytics Service

Data visualization & Analytics Service

Our IIOT platform opens the door to the magic world of big data analytics. It makes your factory ready for future with business intelligence, predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence algortihms in a secure and user friendly way.


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